T and sons Taxidermy

Award winning Taxidermist



I got my start in the world of Taxidermy in 1986, when my mom and I took a course at our local community college, under the instruction of the late Bill Stanley. Throughout the years my desire never faded, and I continued to develop my skills as the years went by. In April of 2013 I attended a week long, one on one session with Rick Krane of Anglers Artistry. Afterwards, for the first time ever I entered three fish into the Texas Taxidermy Competition, in the professional division. I placed second and two third places and won the Star Fish Award. I am not claiming to be the best, I learn something new every day, But I do take on each project as if I am preparing for a competition, where each piece is judged by a Master Taxidermist.

  My philosophy is simple:  Never rest on your laurels. I know that my reputation is only as good as my last mount. I excel at the fine art of handling even the most difficult of fish, mammels. In my shop,  I'm in my own world and  my imagination takes flight. Hire me, and you'll never see  Fish / Animals the same again.




Welcome to T and Sons Taxidermy, we are a family owned and operated business, est. April 2013.  All work is done here on site. I do not contract any of my work out.

I do not create pieces of art, God has already done that part. I just preserve it, so the eyes can see and the heart can feel the memory of that moment so it can be relived, retold and cherished.